Choosing The Right Shoes

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Firstly…Our advice would be…COMFORT!

You want to enjoy yourself on your wedding day, you want to have fun, be on the dancefloor all night and not worry about finding those blister plasters! So just MUST be comfy!!!!!

So, as many of our brides may already know, here at TDR we are SHOEAHOLICS!!!!!!!!!! So trust us…we really have done our shopping around!!

We recommend…

Charlotte Mills

Luxury bridal shoes where fine details are checked, checked and double checked and made for the most GORGEOUS (and comfy) shoes for your wedding day!

TDR Bridal Collection

We have our very own shoes in store available to buy for your wedding day, we also use these shoes as samples for our brides to use when trying on wedding gowns and the feedback we ALWAYS receive is ….“WOW, these are SO comfy!!! I NEED!!!!”

Here’s some of our recommendations with our dresses…

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