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At TDR Bridal we love to see pictures of your special day and so we thought it would be fun to run a post celebrating some of the beautiful TDR Brides who wore a dress from TDR for their wedding over the summer. We caught up with some of them to chat about their dress-buying journey – here are some kind words from some of our latest Brides to say yes…

real beautiful TDR Brides

Sarah Louise – 05.08.23:
“I just wanted to say a big thank you to TDR for helping me to find my dress. I felt absolutely amazing on our wedding day, even with the rain, and I loved every minute! I wish I could do it all over again! Our photographer was Dean Jones Photography.”

Sarah Louise – real beautiful TDR bride

Leah Knight – 16.06.23:
“I just want to say a massive thank you to TDR Bridal! My dress was perfect – thank you for all your hard work! I will miss seeing you all. The 16th of June was a day I will never forget!”

Leah Knight – real beautiful TDR bride

Nikki Matues:
“Thank you to Lisa for making my dress fit me so amazingly! I chose the dress at 20 weeks pregnant and navigating the fittings around my new body, I was nervous but I couldn’t have been happier or felt more amazing. Now can I do it all again please?!”

Catherine Valentine Fletcher – 27.08.23:
“Thank you so much to TDR Bridal for helping me to find my perfect dress – you guys were awesome from start to finish! It’s been a whole week today since our special day so I wanted to share a few pics with you all of the beautiful dress. I truly felt like a princess!”

Catherine Valentine Fletcher – real beautiful TDR bride

Lauren Herbert – 07.07.23:
“My dress made me feel like a princess all day long! I finally married my childhood sweetheart in July. We’ve been together for 15 years, since we were both 13. It was the most special and beautiful day complete with our son and daughter. Thank you so much to TDR and all of the team, especially Paige who helped me find my dress 18 months ago. She is a real star!”

Lauren Herbert – real beautiful TDR bride

Esther Valentine Clarke – 31.08.23:
“I seriously can’t thank TDR Bridal enough – the experience from start to finish was so special, I’ve seen so many brides in here say that they always felt like the only bride in the shop and it could not be more true. Shoutout to Paige for all the help to find ‘the one’ and seamstress, Sati, who did not rest until it was perfect. I was, still am and always will be obsessed with it and how beautiful and unique it is and I had sooo many compliments from our guests saying the exact same. Still don’t think my *husband* is over it either. Thank you all again and good luck to all you future brides!”

Esther Valentine Clarke – real beautiful TDR bride

Nikki-Marie Wilkins – 11.08.23:
“We had our day on the 11th of August 2023 in Santorini, Greece. We truly had the best day! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to TDR, both bridal and menswear. I loved my dress and the men loved their suits. A huge and special thank you to Paige, Heather and Abbi! Paige and Heather – even after having a baby, I felt so self-conscious to try dresses on and you both made the whole experience so amazing! I felt so comfortable in my dress. The dress, veil and alterations were perfect. Abbi – you were great when dealing with my husband and all the men. You ensured everything was perfect for us and you went above and beyond! You all were just brilliant when dealing with my husband and I. We can’t thank you all enough! We are very much looking forward to getting dressed up again for our UK party! X”

Nikki-Marie Wilkins – real beautiful TDR bride

Katie Naish – 25.08.23:
“We had our day on August 25th – I know all the girls in the shop wanted to see the pictures of my horse being my bridesmaid! Funny story – she got out onto the long grass the night before and had a food coma all day so slept through the ceremony, cocktail hour and photos! It was the perfect day and I can’t thank TDR enough!”

Katie Naish – real beautiful TDR bride

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