The Power of The Wedding Flower

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Wedding bouquets have been a common wedding tradition for years. But did you know the real reason brides carry a bouquet on their wedding day?!

Many brides believe a wedding bouquet tradition stems (pardon the pun!) from the beauty of flowers, that helps compliment her wedding gown on the most important days of her life. Although bridal bouquets have become a prevalent part of the bride’s outfit, many brides do not know the real reason they wear this on their wedding day; besides romance and visual beauty there is a deeper reason for why brides carry a wedding bouquet.

Traditional Wedding Bouquets - The Power of The Wedding Flower


This tradition goes back to the 15th century when people didn’t bathe very often. The most common time to get married was June, with brides having their yearly (yes yearly!!!!) bath in May (Eeeks!). This meant that brides often didn’t smell the best on their special day.

Additionally, wedding dresses would be shared amongst siblings as a tradition and often many families had 9 or more siblings, all sharing the same dress, so by the time this gown was passed down generations it was far from fresh, crisp and clean like wedding gowns today.

Therefore, wedding bouquets were introduced!

Wedding bouquets were used to hide the smell of body odour on their wedding day! Who would have thought that this reason has caused such a big tradition for brides right through to the 21st century!

The Modern Wedding Bouquet

Modern Wedding Flowers

Flowers signify new beginnings, fidelity and the hope of fertility, which is why they were so symbolic for a bride on her wedding day. Forgetting wedding traditions, wedding bouquets, for the modern bride, now symbolise beauty using colours, fragrances and shape. They are now a bride’s common accessory that adds to her overall appearance on their wedding day. Modern brides use a variety of different flowers depending on personal style, taste and personality.

Here are a few modern-day wedding bouquets that we just adore..


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