How to choose the perfect Wedding Dress for my spring wedding.

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Dress is F327 by Wilderly

Welcome spring! With the beautiful flowers and warm sunshine after the cold summer months, its sure to cheer us all up! Are you getting married next spring? Well this blog is a perfect read for you. If you’re planning a spring wedding, one of the most exciting tasks on your to-do list is undoubtedly finding the perfect dress. Let’s delve into the enchanting world of spring weddings and explore the ideal dress to complement the season’s magic.

Embracing the Spirit of Spring:

Spring symbolizes renewal, growth, and new beginnings. As the flowers begin to blossom there are more vibrant colours around. When envisioning your spring wedding dress, think of elements that echo the spirit of this season. Light, airy fabrics such as chiffon, organza, and lace evoke a sense of softness, allowing you to move with ease as you dance through your special day. 

Choosing the Right Silhouette:

The silhouette of your wedding dress sets the tone for your entire look. We always say that comfort is key! For a spring wedding, consider styles that exude softness and romance. A-line and ball gown silhouettes are favourites, due to the effortless, timeless elegance. These styles evoke a sense of ethereal beauty, perfect for a spring bride.

Enzoani Love- Casha

This is a gorgeous chiffon A line Wedding dress with scoop neckline and floral 3D details by Enzoani Love- Casha

Incorporating Floral Accents:

What better way to celebrate the beauty of spring than by incorporating floral accents into your wedding attire? Whether it’s delicate floral lace appliqués, embroidered blooms cascading down your train, or a subtle floral sash cinching your waist, floral details add a whimsical touch to your ensemble. For designers such as Ronald Joyce, Morilee and Allure Bridals they don’t shy away from colours such as blue, green and purple. These designs match up perfectly with spring season! Or opt for soft pastel hues like blush, lavender, or mint to complement the season’s palette and enhance the romantic ambiance of your spring celebration.

Pansy 4166 Morilee

Pansy 4166 Morilee


Enchanting ball gown has a crepe bodice on a tulle A-line skirt with crystal beaded, 3D flowers.

Playing with Color:

While traditional white and ivory remain timeless choices for wedding gowns, spring weddings offer the perfect opportunity to infuse your attire with a pop of color. Soft pastels, reminiscent of blooming flowers and fresh spring foliage, are a popular choice for spring brides. Consider subtle hints of color in your dress, such as a blush-hued bodice or a pale blue sash, to add a touch of whimsy and personality to your look while staying true to the season’s aesthetic.

Dress by Mori Lee

Accessorizing with Nature-Inspired Details:

Complete your spring wedding look with accessories inspired by the beauty of nature. A delicate floral crown with blossoms and greenery adds a romantic, bohemian vibe to your ensemble, perfect for an outdoor spring affair. Opt for dainty, nature-inspired jewelry such as leaf-shaped earrings or a vine-like bracelet to enhance the organic feel of your look without overpowering your dress.

At TDR Bridal, we have a range of veils, headwear and jewellery available for TDR Brides to try. 

Considering Practicality:

While aesthetics are undoubtedly important, don’t forget to consider practicality when choosing your wedding dress for a spring celebration. Spring weather can be unpredictable, with fluctuating temperatures and the occasional April shower. Opt for a dress with lightweight layers that will keep you comfortable throughout the day, and consider adding a chic bolero or delicate shawl for added warmth during cooler moments.

TDR Bride Emma wearing Lillian West

TDR Bride Emma wearing Lillian West

Photographer- Ever Thine Film and Photography 

Ultimately, the perfect spring wedding dress is one that makes you feel radiant, confident, and utterly beautiful as you embark on this joyous journey with your partner. Whether you choose a classic ball gown adorned with floral lace or a sleek A-line silhouette in a soft pastel hue, let your dress reflect the romance and enchantment of the season. With the right dress and a touch of spring magic, your wedding day is sure to be a celebration to remember for a lifetime.

At TDR Bridal we have over 600 wedding dress of all styles. From classic satin ballgowns to floral mermaid dresses. We will have the dress for you. 

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