Are Wedding Dress Alterations Worth It?

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You’ve found your dream dress: the style, colour, and cut suit you perfectly. At TDR Bridal Birmingham we order BRAND NEW dresses from the designer for you! We are not a bridal shop we do ‘made to measure’ but we have 6 onsite incredible seamstresses who will make your dress fit you like a glove. The benefit to this is that alterations can be done 6-8 weeks before your wedding so that your dress will fit you to perfection if your body does change on the lead up to your wedding.


The Importance of a Good Seamstress

While you might not need to buy additional items to add to your wedding dress, you will likely need to make some adjustments to ensure it fits you perfectly. This is where the importance of a skilled seamstress becomes evident. Wedding dresses we order for you at TDR are in a standard size. However, everyone’s body is unique, and even if your waist and hips match a standard size, your bust measurements might not. To avoid wearing a dress that fits “almost right,” always budget for wedding dress alterations. A perfectly tailored dress ensures that it complements your body in all the right places.

Budgeting for Alterations - Are Wedding Dress Alterations Worth It

Budgeting for Alterations

The costs will vary depending on how much work is needed, however, given the importance of alterations to the overall look and feel of your wedding dress, it’s worth building these costs into your budget.

We recommend starting your alterations 6-8 weeks before your wedding day and your final fitting will usually be 7-10 days before your special day.

So, when we say we offer the whole shebang, we really mean it. Accept nothing less.

Wedding Dress Alterations - Are Wedding Dress Alterations Worth It


Top Tips for Wedding Dress Alterations

Here are our top tips to consider when planning for wedding dress alterations:

On-Site Seamstresses: Ensure that the seamstresses work on-site and that your dress stays on-site. This guarantees better control over the alteration process and ensures the safety of your gown. When alterations are done in-house, it also allows for multiple fittings if necessary, ensuring every detail is perfected. At TDR Bridal we have 6 incredible ONSITE seamstresses for exclusive use for dresses that have been purchased from TDR only.


Professional Skills: Don’t rely on a relative or friend for alterations unless they are a professional. Wedding dress alterations require an expert’s touch, as they are an art and a skill that takes years to perfect. A professional seamstress understands the intricacies of bridal gowns and can make adjustments without compromising the integrity of the dress.

Proper Length All wedding dresses - Are Wedding Dress Alterations Worth It

Proper Length: All wedding dresses arrive in a standard length, so it’s crucial to have the shoes you’ll wear on your wedding day during the fitting. This ensures the dress is tailored to the perfect length for you. The right length is essential not only for aesthetics but also for comfort and ease of movement.

Undergarments - Are Wedding Dress Alterations Worth It

Undergarments: Whilst the thought of wearing a bra is the only option under a wedding dress, we have lots of solutions for you! Our seamstresses will add bust cups into the dress so that you feel so supported. Boob tape, nipple covers and other support can be added into your dress to make you feel super comfortable on your wedding day!


The Transformation Process

When a dress is fitted by a seamstress, it will feel like a second skin. A dress that initially looks beautiful will be transformed into YOUR perfect wedding dress through skilled alterations. This meticulous process ensures that every seam, every stitch is tailored to your unique shape, enhancing your natural beauty and making you feel like the best version of yourself.

Real Bride Georgina- Wearing Justin Alexander -Are Wedding Dress Alterations Worth It

Real Bride Georgina- Wearing Justin Alexander

Sam and Louise Photography

At TDR Bridal, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch alteration services. We have six in-house seamstresses, which means we don’t send you off with your dress to an unknown place for alterations. We oversee the entire process, ensuring everything is perfect for your special day. Your dress remains safe, insured, and cared for, just as it should be. Our team works closely with you, understanding your vision and making it a reality through precise and careful alterations. We have a separate alterations suite where the magic will happen.

TDR Bridal alterations suite - Are Wedding Dress Alterations Worth It

TDR Bridal alterations suite

Image taken by Ever Thine Film and Photography

The Best Investment for Your Wedding Day

Alterations are probably the best investment you can make for your wedding day. A dress that fits perfectly not only looks better but also feels more comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your special day without any wardrobe worries. This peace of mind and confidence are worth every penny spent on professional alterations.


Beyond just the fit, alterations can also personalise your gown. Whether it’s adding a touch of lace, adjusting the neckline, or incorporating unique elements that reflect your personality, these customizations can make your dress truly one-of-a-kind. Our seamstresses are skilled in making these creative changes while maintaining the elegance and structure of your gown.


Real Stories: Brides Who Benefited from Alterations

We’ve seen countless brides at TDR Bridal who have transformed their gowns through alterations.

Brides Who Benefited from Alterations - Are Wedding Dress Alterations Worth It

Conclusion: Worth Every Penny

In conclusion, wedding dress alterations are absolutely worth it. They ensure your dress fits you perfectly, enhancing your overall bridal look and comfort. At TDR Bridal, we are committed to providing the best alteration services, making sure your dream dress becomes a reality tailored just for you. Don’t overlook the importance of a well-fitted dress – it’s an investment in your happiness and confidence on one of the most important days of your life.


Remember, a perfect dress isn’t just about how it looks on the hanger; it’s about how it feels on you. With expert alterations, you can ensure that your dress not only looks stunning but also feels like a second skin, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: celebrating your love and enjoying every moment of your special day.


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