Proposal Story – Ali Common from Halesowen

Proposal Stories

Ali Common from Halesowen, who said yes on Sunday 5th March 2017

As many of you may already know, once you are a TDR Bride, you join our family! We have our private Facebook group for TDR BRIDES ONLY, we chat every single day, we laugh, we cry and most importantly we support each other along every single step of the way and it is just beautiful!

So, to get to know our brides and their fiancé’s a little more, we asked them to share their proposal story and many of them, so kindly did! And WOW…we were definitely brought to tears with some of these stories, they are absolutely beautiful and we would LOVE to share them with you!

Ali’s Proposal Story…

We too were on holiday on a road trip across Spain. The back story makes it a bit more special for me as we had been together for 6 years like others and my fiancé had been anti marriage for our whole relationship so I had no expectations of marriage whatsoever!

We were staying over in Segovia for one night and after a long day of walking all along their famous aquaduct, we planned to relax on the hotel rooftop which was billed as a rooftop terrace overlooking the aquaduct. Turns out it was just a roof, but we dragged chairs up there anyway. My fiancé said he was off to get us some drinks, whilst I was blissfully unaware, he disappeared for a while only to find the hotel had no bar so then raced out into the village to find a shop with champagne, then try and explain to a waitress in a restaurant in the middle of rural Spain that he wanted to buy/borrow champagne flutes.

He ended up having to get down on one knee to the waitress to try and show her what he meant so we still joke that he proposed to the waitress before asking me! He then arrived back on the roof with the receptionist hidden behind him armed with a camera who really captured the moment, which was essentially shock!

Thanks for the opportunity to tell the story, I’ll never tire of it!

Thank you SO much to each and every one of our brides for sharing your beautiful stories with us. We have absolutely loved reading them and we are SO excited to continue with you on this magical journey from Miss to Mrs 💓💓💓

If you’re a TDR Bride and would love to have your proposal story also shared on our blog, then please email us here…we would LOVE to hear from you!

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