Expert Q&A by TDR Bridal: Answers to Common Wedding Dress Shopping Questions

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Welcome to our latest installment of Expert Q&A by TDR Bridal! Wedding dress shopping can be one of the most exciting yet overwhelming experiences for a bride-to-be. With so many styles, fabrics, and designers to choose from, it’s easy to feel a bit confused at the amount of choice you have! Throughout this blog we will help answer as many questions, before your bridal appointment. Whether you’re just starting your search or narrowing down your final selections, our goal is to guide you with professional advice, ensuring your journey to finding the perfect gown is as smooth and joyous as possible. Let’s dive into the questions that every bride needs answers to before saying yes to the dress!

Alice Said YES TO THE DRESS - Answers to Common Wedding Dress Shopping Questions


When should I start wedding dress shopping?

Wondering when is the best time to start looking for your Wedding Dress?

So there’s no set “rule” to this, every bride is different. It ultimately depends on you and your individual circumstances.


✨ You might want to be super organised like some of our brides and shop 24-30 months in advance- this gives you longer to plan, organise & budget well for your wedding.


✨ You might want to shop 12 – 18 months in advance- the majority of our brides do this as it still gives us plenty of time for your wedding dress to arrive and for all your fittings to be done.


✨ You might only have 6 – 12 months because you got a great deal on a shorter lead time with your venue. This is no problem for us at all. We will still have plenty of time to have your dress made & delivered to us plus we have the added benefit of 4 onsite seamstresses so you’re guaranteed to have your dress fitted perfectly in time for your special day.


✨ you might have 1 – 6 months, don’t worry! We can help you! Lots of our Designers hold stock and we are able to “live pick” that stock so that you can have the dress you want in the size that you need. Again, our amazing onsite Seamstresses will get you Aisle ready in no time!

TDR bridal wedding dress shopping

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Whatever your timeframe, we’ll always do our very best to make sure you have THE most amazing time with us and that your journey from Miss to Mrs will be full of lots of happiness and memories for you to treasure.


Some say you need to visit lots of different shops to find the perfect dress, our brides say you don’t. That’s because we’ve got over 600 individual styles to suit every shape, size & style and budget plus an unrivalled service too!


When you buy from us you get to meet over 1400 other brides who have bought from us, all of which, will sing our praises and support you too on your journey. It’s totally unique, there’s nowhere else like It.


We really would love to meet you, we really would love YOU to be the next TDR Bride; And we promise you, you’ll have the best time and we will care for you and look out for you, every single step of the way, You’re In Safe Hands 💖💖💖


✨Open 7 days & 3 late nights

✨2 mins off J3 of the M5

✨6 miles from Birmingham City centre


How long does it take for a dress to arrive?

A dress can take anything from 2 weeks to 9 months to arrive with us depending on the Designer, the dress and the time of the year.  We will always help you try and find your dress regardless of your timescale. See our blog for loads more detail on the whys, when’s and where’s of Wedding dress shopping HERE

wedding dress shopping

Dress by Justin Alexander

What Underwear shall I wear to my appointment?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  Remember, your appointment will be fairly intimate with your stylist but if you’re happy, we’re happy.  A nude bra is great but not a necessity!

Lose Weight Before Wedding Dress Shopping

Should I Lose Weight Before Wedding Dress Shopping?

It’s natural to want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, and if getting fit is part of that for you, that’s wonderful. However, it’s important to know that your size does not define your ability to find the perfect wedding dress. Delaying your shopping because of concerns about your size can actually create more stress and limit your options.


We often hear brides say, “I need to lose weight before I try on wedding dresses!” We understand the pressure you’re feeling, but we urge you not to let it hold you back from starting your dress search. At TDR Bridal, our priority is to help you find a gown that makes you feel beautiful and confident, just as you are.


It’s a myth that bridal shops pressure you about lead times just to make a sale. At TDR Bridal, we recommend allowing at least six to eight months for your dress to arrive and to ensure you have ample time for fittings and alterations. This timeline is about giving you the best experience possible, not about rushing you into a purchase.


Once you find your dress, you’ll feel and look amazing no matter your shape or size. While you may choose to tone up or lose weight for personal reasons, don’t feel pressured by unrealistic images you see online or in the media. Your partner fell in love with you just as you are. With your hair, makeup, and a dress tailored to perfection, you’ll look stunning.


Please don’t postpone your dress shopping due to weight concerns. Come as you are, and let us help you find a dress that makes you feel incredible. Starting early ensures you have the widest selection and avoid last-minute compromises. We have over 100 dresses in sizes 18 and above, offering a variety of styles so you can find the perfect one without settling.

wedding ready - Answers to Common Wedding Dress Shopping Questions

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